Reconciling Extreme Change

What do you do when extreme change visits your existence?  I’m not talking about the unexpected change of schedules or even a goal that you have set being sidelined (well maybe that could apply but it depends).  I am talking about those things that redefine your future – slowly or in an instant.  They can leave you helpless and wondering – what do I next?  I have come to understand that it is during these times God asks you to look to Him.  The Bible tells us all the time that life is going to be filled with U-turns, sideswipes, and breakdowns.  Stuff is going to happen.  But He also reminds us that we can weather extreme change because our identity is not rooted in the thing that changed but in His plan for our lives.  Don’t get me wrong…I cried like a baby when the two big changes I mention in my book came into my life but I count myself a survivor – not because of me but because God reminded me throughout ‘I will never leave you or forsake you’ (Hebrews 13:5).

It is a promise God offers to all of us – Believe it!

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